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Monday, October 10, 2011

Ms. Skylar's - 10/10/11 Journal

Topic: What is your favorite part of Autumn ? What do the colors represent to you? Based on your experiences here in Second Life

My favorite part of Autumn is the changing of the leaves colors. I am always amazed at how closely SL resembles RL for me. One of the ways is by the changing of the seasons. I am one of the lucky ones that do get 4 seasons in RL, and I always love to come on SL and see the seasons changing here as well. In RL, I grew up and was raised in the mountains of North Carolina, and there was nothing more fun to me then running out and jumping in the leaves. Autumn was always one of my favorite seasons. Today, it still is, only for different reasons. I no longer long to jump in the leaves after they have fallen, but rather enjoy them changing colors while they are still on the trees. There is nothing more inspiring to me then to go outside and look up at the mountains and it just be a complete and total blanket of colors. Growing up I always called it a bowl of fruity pebbles, and that is truly what it looks like with the beautiful array of colors.

My Home

Ms. Jill's - 10/10/11 Journal

Topic: Describe an area of Earth you would like to explore and why?

An area of the Earth I would like to explore would be the rocky mountains. I have lived in the mountains all of my life but the part I live in is the smokey mountains. I have visited the rocky mountains once and it was such an amazing experience but didn't get long to really explore it. Would love to go back someday and explore it more and really be able to take in the sights and scenery.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ms. Jill's - 10/6/11 Journal

Topic: What do you think is the most important invention and why?

I think the most important invention to me would be a computer. It completely changed how we do things. Just in the past few years technology and computers specifically have grown to be one of the top selling industries. Used to you'd have to go to a store, fight the traffic, wait for an hour in a line to be checked out, just to get one simple item. Now its as easy as a click of the mouse. Education has truly changed with computers as well. A ton of classes and even full degrees are available fully online now, so you no longer have to be in a classroom setting all the time, or even in the same state as your college of choosing. I'm really excited to see how computers and technology changes our way of living even more over the next few years.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ms. Skylar's - 10/5/11 Journal Entry

Topic: What do you like most about Halloween? What is Halloween about? What does it represent? How do you feel about Halloween? What do you dislike about it? How do you celebrate if you participate?

The word "Halloween" means All Hallows Even, which means the day before All Hallows Day, also known as All Saints Day, which is a Catholic holiday. It started supposedly as a day when demons, ghosts, and zombies came back from the dead. It had nothing to do with witchcraft as most people today think. The day after, All Saints Day, was known to be when the angels and saints came down from Heaven and fought with the "goulies" and banished them back to Hell. People started dressing up in costumes on Halloween under the impression that if they were dressed up, and the "real" zombies, ghosts, and demons saw them, they would leave them alone. As time went on more and more people started dressing up. Over time, kids were sent around as beggers asking for soul cakes in exchange for prayers for the dead. As time passed, this become more of a tradition and people started handing out candy and it become the tradition that it is now today.

To me, I celebrate Halloween for what it is today, not for what it used to be. I am not a firm believer in the fact that "creatures" rose from the dead. I do however love dressing up in costume and going around trick or treating like people do today. So I guess that would be what I like and dislike about it. I like dressing up, and getting candy, but I dislike some of the things it represents.

First week of school!

Soooo I know I've been totally slack on journaling. I'm sorry! This week has been a really awesome week so far. OSE classes are back in session and I love all of my classes so far so much! But wow do I have a busy schedule! Guess that's what I get for taking 6 classes :P

Here's my school schedule!

2pm - Soccer Team Practice
3pm - Dance Team Practice

11am-1pm - Ms. Jill's Class
4pm-6pm - Mr. Ryan's Class
7pm-9pm - Ms. Skylar's Class

4pm-6pm - Ms. Danni's Class
6pm-8pm - Ms. Tabby & Ms. Tink's Class

7pm-9pm - Ms. Skylar's Class

11am-1pm - Ms. Jill's Class
4pm-6pm - Ms. Danni's Class
6pm-8pm - Ms. Tabby's Class

8pm-9pm - Ms. Tribb's Class

That makes my head spin just reading it! *giggles* But you know me, I like to stay busy! This blog will be a combination blog between daily journaling of my life as well as a shared journal for all of my classes so stay tuned for more to come as the month goes on!!!  *hugs*

With Love, 
Ashlyn Jade

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

School Signups

Sooooo anyone that knows me knows I get crazy when it comes to registrations! *giggles* Soooo.... this resulted in me signing up for 4 classes at OSE! Rofllllll

The classes I'm signed up for is Ms Jill's, Ms. Skylar's, Ms. Danni's, Ms. Tribb's, and Ms. Tabby's! I can't wait to start classes!!!!!!!

New Clubs!!!!