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Monday, October 10, 2011

Ms. Skylar's - 10/10/11 Journal

Topic: What is your favorite part of Autumn ? What do the colors represent to you? Based on your experiences here in Second Life

My favorite part of Autumn is the changing of the leaves colors. I am always amazed at how closely SL resembles RL for me. One of the ways is by the changing of the seasons. I am one of the lucky ones that do get 4 seasons in RL, and I always love to come on SL and see the seasons changing here as well. In RL, I grew up and was raised in the mountains of North Carolina, and there was nothing more fun to me then running out and jumping in the leaves. Autumn was always one of my favorite seasons. Today, it still is, only for different reasons. I no longer long to jump in the leaves after they have fallen, but rather enjoy them changing colors while they are still on the trees. There is nothing more inspiring to me then to go outside and look up at the mountains and it just be a complete and total blanket of colors. Growing up I always called it a bowl of fruity pebbles, and that is truly what it looks like with the beautiful array of colors.

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