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Ms. Skylar's

Hello  。◕‿◕。

 My name is   ℳiss ڪkylar and I've been in world since 2009 and have enjoyed exploring and meeting new friends.  I am blessed with two beautiful daughters who have brightened my world and opened my eyes to the mischief they can manage to get into.  I live on the Little Wonders sim only blocks from school so that I can live in the community that I teach in.  I'm so excited for another semester to start and excited that you are interested in learning more about what we will be doing.

My classroom will be decorated as a traditional classroom with areas set aside for our projects and a individual creativity showcase for the  ✩ Ⓢʈąя ✩  of the week !!  We will have spelling words, topics of interest throughout the world, and a project that we will have fun with.  We will have time for arts along with other various ideas.  I teach on voice, so please make sure you are able to hear me.  I will take roll 5 minutes after the start of class to allow everyone time to arrive.  If you are unable to make it to class please check my blog for what we've done and your homework assignment.

We will be covering a variety of topics and subjects based around Spelling, Reading, Language, Art, and World Events.  As in any classroom behavior is a key role and how I base who receives ✩ Star of the Week ✩.  The Six Pillars of Character of respect, trust, fairness, caring, citizenship, and responsibility will also be important to our learning environment. This term we will journal/or blog and have a final project to finish up class.

You will need to leave a spot open for our class group and have "Receive Group Notices" check marked.  This is how I will communicate with you.  Also be sure to add my class blog to check on what we've done in class, as well as, homework, announcements, or project information.  I will also have additional information to send before class.

Miss Skylar's Bulletin Board (blog)
I will post students work and tell about what we covered in class that day.

If you have an questions, please feel free to send me an IM inworld  or email (
I look forward to meeting you all very soon.


Miss Skylar