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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ms. Jill's - 10/6/11 Journal

Topic: What do you think is the most important invention and why?

I think the most important invention to me would be a computer. It completely changed how we do things. Just in the past few years technology and computers specifically have grown to be one of the top selling industries. Used to you'd have to go to a store, fight the traffic, wait for an hour in a line to be checked out, just to get one simple item. Now its as easy as a click of the mouse. Education has truly changed with computers as well. A ton of classes and even full degrees are available fully online now, so you no longer have to be in a classroom setting all the time, or even in the same state as your college of choosing. I'm really excited to see how computers and technology changes our way of living even more over the next few years.


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