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Ms. Tribb's

Music Appreciation - Fridays 8-9pm slt

Hello beautiful people. I'm Tribbs Nirvana. I joined SL in July 2009. I'm live musician. I play acoustic guitar and sing original and cover songs. To me, playing music isn't just about performing, it's about sharing and connecting with people. If we're lucky, it's a full mind, body, spirit experience. In addition to being an SL musician, I'm also a mom, godmom, aunty, sister, friend and now teacher. This will be my first time teaching in SL. I'm honored to be part of the OSE community.

Music Appreciation - just how it sounds. A class expressing our appreciation for music. Since this is a brand new class it's still in development. Together we will discuss different types of music and how it can affect our moods, make us think, inspire or motivate us. We will discuss songwriting, lyrics, pop culture, music in media and more. Classwork will include group discussion, individual writing and a group project we will work on together.

There will be homework - individual projects to get your creative juices flowing. It's up to you to decide how much or how little you put into it. 
You will be graded on attendance, conduct, effort, class participation, homework and assignments completed. Class will be taught on voice so please be sure to have voice active and enabled. Class will meet once a week for one hour. Because of this, punctuality is essential. You will be expected to arrive on time with voice enabled, and be in your seats at the top of the hour ready to have some serious fun!

Thank you! I'm looking forward to an amazing term at OSE. See you in class.